Functions Of The Plantes In The Horoscopes

In a natal card, the place of the planets in a given sign offers us some details about the personality and life of this person.

In this article, we will go through all the information that each of the planets offers us.


Sun: The Sun talks about the tune of our being; who we are. It means our way of experimenting life and to express our individuality.

Moon: The Moon shows us the nature of our emotions: how will we react in front of life according to our unconscious predisposition.

Mercury: This planet offers us information about the way in which we communicate and in which we think.

Venus: It is the planet of love and the desire and it expresses the way in which we express love, in which we feel appreciated for the others and how we appreciate all what we have around us. It also talks about the average of ourselves giving us to the others.

Mart: It offers the patterns of our way of reaffirmation and expressing our wishes.

Jupiter: Jupiter talks us about how our ambitions are and how we look for growth, improve and have confidence in life.

Saturn: It talks about the way in which we try to stablish and preserve our “I” through effort and the compromise.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluton: As they move in a very slowly way through the Zodiac, its position on the signs are indicative of generational attitudes. In a natal card, the signs that occupy these places have a lot less importance than the houses in which they are and the aspects that form them.