Ideal professions for Aries according to astrology

Aries people are characterized to be full of energy and they are also very adventurous people and good leaders.  According to this features that we know through astrology, it can be analyzed and get to know some of the professions that are better for people born under this sign and also those which are not good for them.


If you want to know which the professions that are recommended for the Aries are and you want to know which are not good for them, here you have them:

Aries at Work

Before starting with these professions, you need to know that the Aries are usually people of great value at work and this is due to their strong and hard-working personality. In the same way, they are very good leaders even that in some occasions they are not very objective.

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Why are useful the predictions in love?

Predictions about love are very common and, in general, it can be said that they are some of the most checked in all the means of predictions that we can find.


But, have you ever asked yourself why they are useful or what they can help us with? If you want to know these answers, here I will explain you what can the predictions in love make for us.

Why Predictions in Love?

The predictions in love can be useful for a lot of things. Some of them are:

–          The first one and maybe the most important one is that by these predictions, people can get the answers they are looking for in the love issue and that provoke anxiety in them.

Now, it also needs to be known that to have these predictions, there needs to be used some tools, as for example the Tarot Deck, the crystal ball or other guessing elements.

Besides, it needs to be known that these elements besides offering answers to the questions that are overwhelming us; they can also advise us to guide us in our decisions and, thus, be successful in the good and in the bad times.

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Long live astrology!

The study of the stars is as ancient as the writing and the hieroglyphs. The civilizations which marked the path to reach to the world as we know it today were the pioneer ones of the astrology, as in it they found the answers to a lot of their questions. Since then, it has been studied how the position of the planets and the stars manifest in the personalities and behavior of people.


Today, there are not a lot of truly fans of this science. Astrology has lost prestige since it was spun off from astronomy which today is considered the truly science. But the truth is that besides being so much skeptisim, astrology still lasts and it allows us to get to know a lot of aspects of the life that cannot be seen with the simple eyes of common people.

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Horoscope and Astrology from the hand of the Tarot Cards

In a way, the wisdom of the Tarot is found gently related with the world of the horoscope and the astrology; in the same way that we can feel, for example, that in astrology we have the 12 signs of the Zodiac and that in the Tarot we have the 22 major Arcana with astral influences, this does not mean that we there exist a complete correspondence between these sciences; however, it is not wrong to analyze that planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluton were discovered after the Tarot being born, which allow them to establish a strong relation with the ancient horoscopes.


Relation between the Arcana and the Signs of the Zodiac

This relation was established by the different creators and authors of the systems; some of them indicate with clarity the Arcana that correspond to some of the Zodiac signs. This is the case of the relations that exist between Sagittarius and the Lovers, Libra and The Justice, Leo and The Strength, Gemini and the Sun, etc.

Let’s see now some of the correspondences that are more subtle between the four elements and the signs of the Zodiac:

Element of Fire: Dominant Planets, Mart and Sun. They correspond to the Zodiac signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

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The Sun in Aries – A New Astrological Year

The entrance of the Sun in Aires comes together of a new astrological year, so every time that the Sun gets into this sign, it starts a new cycle in the Zodiac wheel.

This is because the sign of Aries has a pioneer quality and it is a lover of starting things, as also when it comes to motivate other people to do so.

A new astrological year offers us the opening of an energetic and powerful threshold to set us free of the luggage if the past and start a new cycle with new airs. It is a white page where to write our story.


In astrology, we use the movement of the Sun and it staying in each of the signs to work different areas of our natal cards and integrate the energies of each sign to work for our own processes and making is conscious of the cosmic energy that is available.

We need to talk of some astrologic aspects that surround this Aries Sun and its message:

Sol coming into the first grade of Aries is found in Trion to the Moon in Scorpio, which is in conjunction with retrograde Saturn in the same sign and, because of this, we can understand that this is the most perfect moment to full ourselves with acceptance and to exercise and introspection that will allow us to be conscious about all that it not good for us anymore, for example, behavior patterns and value scales that does not have anything to do with what we wish or with the direction that we want to lead.  Making us conscious that darkness is the way in which to get closer to a bigger light capacity.

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Astrological aspects – Sun Square Moon

In the astral cards, the angular relationships between planets are strong indicators of the personality and, more, when it comes to the luminaries.

The square is a tense aspect and, when it comes to the Moon and the Sun, it means contrast and fight between the ego and the feelings, making it difficult to be able to recognize and express the feelings.


Internal tension because the “ME”, the identity and will are not balanced with the patterns of the instincts, habits and feelings.

All this internal instability turns the person into a reactive one, making it impossible for this person to manifest to other people and clearly that what they desire and what they need. This same internal tension can and, usually does,  trigger health problems.

It is installed the idea that it never reaches the knowledge or the necessary entertainment to make the desires clear. The fact of having to fight fiercely for their objectives, where to other people need less effort to do so, leave them with a resentment feeling that is very hard to manage.

This is a personality not very sociable that can affect or make difficult the family relations, professional relations and love relations.

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Signs and Infidelity; Part II-From Libra to Pisces

Why are they infidels? Discover the secrets that hide the personality of each of the signs in this second part in which we will talk about the last 6 signs of the Zodiac.

Libra: They will look for all the possible ways in which to save the relationship if this is not working properly but if they feel that they are not important for their partner, they will have no problems to be infidel. They will look for something more but they will not feel ready to end with the relation and neither to start with another one.


Scorpio: Love is very important for them and they are very Fidel and very possessive with their partners. If they are infidel, the vast majority of the times, it is because their partner was infidel to them before.

Sagittarius: They choose the partner with the idea to spend the rest of their live together with her but they love to flirt and this can cause them problems in their relations. They love adrenaline and fun.

Capricorn: Usually, they have a good power of control over themselves when it comes to manage their passions. They can be infidels if they feel that their relation is not going anywhere and they do not really know how to say this to their partner. They always look for more and better until they decide to grow and this childhood behavior is the second reason for them to be infidel.

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Symbolism of the Knight of Wands

When Reading the Tarot cards we find ourselves with the presences of the Major and the Minor Arcana. In these last ones, we find the figure of the Knights and, in this case, we will specifically talk about the one of Wands.

If you want to learn about the cards and understanding them, here you will be able to start doing so by understanding the meaning of this card.


About the Knight of Wands.

To start understanding this card, you need to know that the knights, usually, represent the progress, the development and also the promotion.

Now, and if we talk about the card of the Wands, we need to know the following symbolisms:

To start with it, it needs to be mentioned that the knight of wands shows a man with great and amazing energy. His horse is in red color, which is related to fire and, from here, that there is so much vitality in this figure.

A pattern of salamanders covers the clothes of this man and this are an evidence of the movement, where the symbology of the progress is established. In this way, the card of the Knight of Wands talks us about the vitality to achieve its own goals in live and thus he will be able to progress in his path.

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