I Ching Numerlogy- Discover the hidden secrets

Amongst the different methods used for predictions, I- Ching and Numerology are winning popularity. Predictions are based in the different principles that these methods follow. It is about helping people to understand the changes in their lives and, sometimes, to get pleasure and comfort in these predictions.

Page of the I-Ching

I -Ching : I- Ching is based in an ancient Chinese system of phylosophy and cosmology. It refers to the “Book of Changes” and it is from before the third century before Christ. It is based in the principles and the writing that have to be interpreted with the year and that it has become an essential part of the Chinese culture. It is the study of the balance of the opposites. The book has only eight ”trigrams “, which are three horizontal lines, and 64 hexagrams, which are 6 horizontal lines.


Each of the hexagrams is a compound of two trigrams that are put together and it has a unique interpretation and meaning. The continuous lines, solids that which represent the yang and the open and discontinuous lines that represent the yin. While the yang refers to light and life, the yin represents cold, darkness and death. ¡ I-Chin is practiced with the help pf three coins. When launching the coin, the person has to focus on the question in his mind. The three coins need to be launched six times.

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Tips to open the Chakras

To star with it, you need to have it clear that there are a total of 7 chakras, which are known as the crown, also the third eye, the throat, also there is the heart, the famous solar plexus, the sacral and, finally, the root. Each of these chakras are points of energy that when opened, allow the energy to fluid efficiently and, thus, our body in a wellness state.

Now, if these are close, there is an unbalance between them and to avoid this, we need to open them. Get to know how to do it now.


Steps to open the chakras

One of the best tools that you can use to open the chakras is the meditation and follow the next steps:

First, you need to look for a place in which you can relax for, at least, 15 minutes. As you are there, you need to get a meditation position, with the legs crossed. This is the position known as the lotus flower.

Now, you need to control your breath and put your thoughts in calm. With this, you need to set free your mind and do not allow that external thoughts or facts gets you far from the state in which you are.


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Shells And Esoteric

The shells are elements that come from nature, which have a lot of energy; because of this, they are so much used in esoteric practices or in predictions. Now, if you are interested in knowing about them and their magic uses, here we will talk about it.


The Esoteric of the Shells

To start with, you need to know that shells, as they come from the sea, are related directly to water and also to the Moon. Now, these elements provide shells with a huge amount of energy that make them a lot more receptive to the elements and messages of nature.

In this way, it can be said that the first magical use of the shells is to attract good energies and wishes to our lives. Now, besides all this, you need to know some other important facts about the shells:

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Zodiac for kids: Aquarius

The kids who are born under the sign of Aquarius are those who are governed by Uranus and with Air as their element.

These elements make that Aquarius has a curious nature and, above all, dreamy.


Besides these features, there are some others that need also to be mentioned and they are the following ones:

Characteristics of the Children Zodiac:  Aquarius

These kids usually are notices because they are of the more sociable, for looking new experiences and for not liking at all the routines.

It needs to be highlighter that kids under Aquarius sign are very stubborn. Because of this, trying to make them change their mind can be a hard task to perform, almost unattainable. At the same time, it is necessary to know that they are children who need discipline but at the same time, they need space as they are completely liberal.

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The Fortune Wheel; The Major Arcana in the Tarot

The card known as the Fortune Wheel is presented by a big wheel. This is formed by 6 radiuses and in it, you can see two animals. On the right hand, there is a rabbit that is going up; and, on the left, there is a monkey that is going down. The first representation of this card is eternity.

Now, if you want to know the different meanings and interpretations of this card, here you will find them:



Meaning of the Fortune Wheel

Inside the general representations that this card can have, we find the surprises of the destiny and it also speaks about the success that we have achieved in a very fast way.

But now, if these representations are general, there are also other specific meanings that need to be known:

In the material, spirit and in the mood, the Wheel fortune speaks is about the life cycle, of the balances and unbalances of the karma and the existence.

Besides these meanings, it also has some special ones. For example, as a mean it advices us about the importance of the destiny; if it is about a general person, it talks about his luck and adventures and the instability situations in which this person can be.

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What is tarotelamor.com?

To define love tarot is something very simple as it is a website of a site specialized in the Tarot reading. As its name shows, there can be found in it professional people who will answer all your questions about love but you can also find in it different other services.


To get to know more in deep Tarotelamor, here I will talk about it a bit more.

Help with love

If there is something that distinguishes the service offered in Tarotelamor is their will to help people, not only to get to know what they want through the cards, but through advice that can make the situations they are living a bit more comfortable.

In this way, people have to know that in this website, they can find advice and not only a simple interpretation and Reading of what the cards say.

Knowing this first aspect, it is necessary to get to know other features of the Tarotelamor website.


Services in Tarotelamor

The services that we can find in this website are very varied and what it needs to be seen as first important aspect in that all the services are offered by professionals and very efficiently. It is time now to get to know the services of this place:


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Spells To Attract the Loved One

Today, we are going to share with you two powerful rites to magnetize the loved person. They are simple spells that are easy to perform and with very powerful results. Remember always to keep concentrated and execute the rites with complete sincerity and will.


Rite 1:


9 red candles

Almond Oil

A needle
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The analytical approach to our own personality can help achieve that humans satisfy their deepest needs. However, when it comes to helping other people to grow and develop, basically with children, the best is that us, the elder, consider and analyze first their character in order to correct their defects without being contrary to them.


The individual world, the world that everyone really knows, is composed of entities whose true meaning is known only by the owner of that small universe. The inner world of each one of us is absolutely unique: the lightning and thunder may seem beautiful to our eyes, while for other people they may mean nothing.
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