Rituals and their days according to the Zodiacal sign

In carrying out any of the rituals that lead us to make our best wishes, it happens that, unless the procedure is indicated in a specific way, we do not consider issues such as the color of the clothes we wear, the best time of the day and the moment as well as the day we need to choose to be more successful.


However, some authors, who have interested in the link between the Zodiac and rituals, think it is essential that the person acts in a consistent way according to his zodiac sign. It seems that, in cases in which there are no information specified according to the clothes that we are wearing or some objects of the ritual, taking this data into account, we will be enhancing the cosmic energy to carry forward the act so it can have its fullest effect and power.
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The combustion or spontaneous incineration is a phenomenon that, until now, the science could not explain. It is people who, abruptly and mysteriously, start gett6ing in fire until they die burned.


It is a terrifying theme basically more if we take into account that a person who incinerates himself has to reach the temperature of almost 1000ºC, according to what was said by the English Scientifics that are investigating these cases.
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How Do The Elements Influence To The Chinese Zodiac Signs?

the chinese zodiacal signs not only are divided into animals like we have probably Heard, also, each year is also influenced by a particular element, which, according to the chinese astrologist, allows the person to have certain characteristics and skill, in order to find them out, keep reading.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Characteristics of a person according to the chinese zodiac  elements

If you born in a sign of a rat, your intelligence and creativity have no boundaries. However, if you have born in the metal (1960) you are self confident and helpful. If you have born in the Wood (1984) you are a open minded, with high standards. As a rat, having the water element (1972) you are creative, introvert and systematic. If you have born in fire (1996), you are aggressive and bad temper, but if you are born in earth (1948), you are innovated, hard-worker and persistent. Sigue leyendo

How To Find a Sex Match According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you are looking for a interesting sex dinamics with someone compatible with your zodiac sign, well, this article is dedicated to you, here i am going to tell you what is your sex match accorging to your sign and  what kind of experiences to  expect.Zodiac Sign

¿how does the signs behave in bed?

Capricorn sex partners are taurus, scorpio, virgo and pisces.  The  women are misterious and intense, men  are persistent and sensual.

Acquarius women are unconventional  and inovate, men  are  open minded. Sex partners are gemini, aries and  sagittarious.

Pisces sex partners are aries, scorpio, acquiarius and capricorn, the women are intuitive, seductive and flirtatious,  men are unpredictable and  adventurous. Sigue leyendo

The Astrology

TThe Astrologyhe Astrology is the best option to know everything about your personality, health, destination, fortune, money, and more. The astrology can help you as well in your priorities in life, making have it a balance between all of them, it can helps you too in every step you make to achieve your goals it can be in your job, career, profession, etc. You will feel more positive with that is coming to your life and if they are bad news you will more prepare with a plan to overthrow the trials and challenges that are coming.

The astrology can help you with the below:

  • Chinese horoscope, this horoscope repeats its lunar cycle each 12 years, and their symbols are: the rat, dragon, ox, horse, tiger, snake, rabbit, goat, monkey, pig, rooster and dog. Every single animal symbol had different characteristics. The Chinese horoscope is ruled by the Chinese calendar and the year of birth of the person. Sigue leyendo

Tarot Reading

tarot readingNow you can enjoy the tarot reading art that was created for the benefit of the world, mainly for the ones that believes in this amazing activity. The tarot can help you find people that you lost, belongings or even lost and past loves. You need to be aware that the tarot can tell you things that might happen, even it’s very close to the reality you can change your destiny anytime you want, because your future is only in your hands and no one else but you can use the tarot reading to know and see what is coming for you so if it’s something good, it can help you to prepare and be ready and if it’s something bad you can change it deciding correctly and wisely. Sigue leyendo

Everything About Dailyhoroscope.Es

Dailyhoroscope.esNow it is possible to know everything about Dailyhoroscope.es, you are going to be very impressed about how complete is this website, you can have all you want just going to the site, you will find high professional astrologers and tarot readers that are together waiting for you, they can read your personality, your opportunities, your chances, your challenges, your trails, and more; helping you in this way to make better decision, to be prevented of the difficulties that are coming in life and to take a better pathway in your destination.

Dailyhoroscope.es has many tools that will help you to be update in all the sides of your life in the same time you can explore the news in the love horoscope, the karma, etc. Some of these tools are: Sigue leyendo

The Elements Of The Horoscope

the elements of the horoscope signsToday you can know the elements of the horoscope signs with any problem in a desk or in the comfort of your house. The horoscope is about reading and making predictions of possibilities, opportunities, chances, and more in life, it depends of the planet’s position, the time when you born and sometimes the place where you are at as well that can be really important to red what is going on with you right now and your future.

The elements as the fire, air, earth and water rules the signs giving different emotions and feelings in the same time, example: Sigue leyendo