True Tarot

True tarotTrue tarot is a desk of 78 cards, each card has a different symbol and picture, tarot is everything about reality and it is not anything about magical things. The tarot can reads deeply inside the person so you can know better your character, your future, challenges and good chances in life.

The person who reads the tarot needs to be intuitive and focused in what is going to do, it’s important as well that the reader can be in tune with the person who is looking for answers to his questions, the entire place needs to have good and positive energy; any distraction can ruin the reading. Sigue leyendo

Horoscope Of The Day

horoscope of the dayThe horoscope of the day is governed by Neptune and the romantic Venus making us processing any information faster than usual and keeping our emotions changeable. We know that the astrology offers a high horoscope reading and we can know without any problem about our stars foretell, so now is possible to have and read our horoscope every day and you can know in this way how the stars work so hard to impact your future life.

Mostly of the prediction for today of all zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) is free, you just need to go to the right site to get a perfect reading of your own sign. Sigue leyendo

The Tarot Cards

The tarot cardsThe tarot cards have representation in the physical and psychic aspect of people. For an exact prognostic the reader needs to have a high intuition and to be attuned with the energy of the person who wants to know about his personality and future. The tarot has 78 cards and each one has a different interpretation. For a good interpretation and a precise reading you need the follow:

  • You need to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere so you can be connected with the reader, introduce yourself peacefully and without any kind of distraction.
  • The reader will ask you to shuffle the cards, don’t worry if you can’t do it well, the matter here is that you make contact with each card. Sigue leyendo

The Meaning Of Tarot

The meaning of tarot is that it is a beautiful Art, focus in the human kind; it helps a lot to take better choices and make easier our path in life because it can guide the human conscious for better, the tarot is a precious gift from our ancestors that we modernize in today’s world but basically the tarot is the same from the beginning that it is 500 years ago. Sigue leyendo

The Astrology

Lots of people have an unquenchable desire to know what the stars may say of herself. Sometimes people consult the horoscope much as a way of trying to know the future and prepare for it. What you may not know is that, beyond daily or weekly horoscopes, astrology presents a world of the most interesting possibilities.

In the West we know only a horoscope, whose appointment as our date of birth called “Zodiac sign”. This horoscope is called the Western zodiac, and is usually presented on a monthly, daily, weekly, and so on. But, in fact, not the only, nor by close: many horoscopes that you can see if what you want is to get the most out of astrology.

Combine horoscopes and see Sigue leyendo

Legends about reading tarot

Many people think that the experience of reading tarot serves only to predict and reveal the future, and actually it is not. Tarot cards have been used in the Western world for more than two millennia, and the goal is not simply fulfilling portend great events to come, but also understand the present and know the past.
Also think much of people who cartomancy or reading tarot cards is an art dark and dangerous, but the reality is that those who fail to believe in the potential of this method experience a clarity of perception which increases its quality life remarkably. Sigue leyendo