How Do The Elements Influence To The Chinese Zodiac Signs?

the chinese zodiacal signs not only are divided into animals like we have probably Heard, also, each year is also influenced by a particular element, which, according to the chinese astrologist, allows the person to have certain characteristics and skill, in order to find them out, keep reading.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Characteristics of a person according to the chinese zodiac  elements

If you born in a sign of a rat, your intelligence and creativity have no boundaries. However, if you have born in the metal (1960) you are self confident and helpful. If you have born in the Wood (1984) you are a open minded, with high standards. As a rat, having the water element (1972) you are creative, introvert and systematic. If you have born in fire (1996), you are aggressive and bad temper, but if you are born in earth (1948), you are innovated, hard-worker and persistent. Sigue leyendo