Tarot Reading: The Astrological Reading

One of the most used readings in the Tarot is the astrological reading. It aims at reproducing in the table the twelve houses in the Zodiac by generating an interpretation in which they are mixed the languages and the symbolic knowledge of both disciplines, offering a rich interpretation.


The interpret of the Tarot has to mix the cards several times to clean them from other readings. Then, he has to give them to the consultant so it can make a circular movement to mix them on the table. A connection is established with his psychic through and invocation and they ask permission to make the reading. It is convenient to through a card of the Tarot, then put all them together to know if the permission was given or if there is an agreement in the higher spheres of what wants to be consulted.

In this moment, the reader will ask the consultant to choose 12 cards of the deck and they will be placed on the table creating an imaginary circle in which there are three places for square. The first square is the one which starts from the left in the inverse reading of the watch.

With this order, it will be configured a circle in which in each of the astrological houses there is a card of the Tarot. In the first square, the houses 1, 2 and three and so on.

The Reading will be made taking into account the combination of the card with the meaning of each of the astrological houses.

The meaning of the houses will be:

House 1: Personality, way to start, body configuration

House 2: Values in the Earth, money, superior values, sensorial perception

House 3: Communication, brothers, close relatives, codes

House 4: Home, relation with father, emotional roots, family relations

House 5: Creativity, lovers, love, initiatives

House 6: Body, routine, work, customs

House 7: Relations, partner, compatibility, partnerships

House 8. Death, inheritance, emotional negotiation

House 9: Seek of sense, external and internal journeys, philosophy and religion

House 10: Work, what you want to show from you, vocation, relation with mother

House 11: Friends, social space, relation with group

House 12: Unconscious content, karma, hidden enemies