The Meaning Of Tarot

The meaning of tarot is that it is a beautiful Art, focus in the human kind; it helps a lot to take better choices and make easier our path in life because it can guide the human conscious for better, the tarot is a precious gift from our ancestors that we modernize in today’s world but basically the tarot is the same from the beginning that it is 500 years ago.

The tarot consists in a deck of 78 cards of which 22 has images and the others 56 reflect, it was originated in Northern Italy; it was used for first time in game called Triumphs, immediately this game became an implement for divination. It was a boom in Europe in the Medieval and Renaissance time; little by little it adopted a lot of things from the Astrology and the Kabbalah. Today the tarot is mostly a spiritual matter and it’s very popular in the occidental part of the world.

The tarot is known as a window of the psyche, there is many professional people that is study it deeply because it became a very important tool for personal changes and transformation, and it can describe the humankind journey (spiritual and earthly one). Hundreds and hundreds of people trust in the tarot because it guides their spiritual and earthly life wisely, having more power and determination in life. The tarot has a lot of history in myths, philosophies, symbols and legends that helps to people trust in the long life of this beautiful art.