“Yes or No” Tarot Reading

One of the most well-known readings of the Tarot is the “Yes or No” Reading. About this, there are several aspects that you need to know and that will, without a doubt, be of your interest.

Yes or No Reading

 Getting to know the “Yes or No” Reading

In a general way, this is one of the most easy ways to read the Tarot as it is usually done by using only three cards.

With the “Yes or No” reading, we can have very concrete answers and it is necessary to know that we will not have any kind of details. Actually, we can only make questions that can be answered with these answers.

But, besides this information, you need to know some other information that is also very interesting:

–         For example, you need to know that it can be done with any deck you have. No matter if you use the deck of the Marseille Tarot or the Egyptian one.

–         Due to its easiness, it is a reading that is much recommended for beginners.

–         This kind of reading can also be found in many different websites related to Tarot and, the best of all, is that you can have your reading for free.

–         In this reading, we only use the major arcana, which need to be very well mixed and you can only take three cards. Make sure to ask your question while you are mixing them.

–         Usually, the positive cards are the World, the Sun and the Magician. The Empress is also going to say “Yes” to our questions. In the case of negative answers, we will find the Moon, the Tower or the Hanged Man. Concerning doubts, the cards that talk about them are the Hermit, the Lovers and the Death.